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January 2017




It is not merely a special restaurant’s table because you can watch the cooks at work, but it is an exclusive corner managed personally by the Chef, who personally decides whom to invite. Matteo Baronetto assumes the role of interpreter of tastes and background of his guests. There is no menu pre-prepared at the chef’s table. The tasting itinerary, which rangers from 8 to 12 courses, is derived from the conversations between Matteo Baronetto and his guests, before and throughout the meal. In other words, the conversation serves as inspiration to the meal. The chef’s table is an emotional experience; a journey through flavors, consistencies, ingredients and pairings. 





The Farmacia Del Cambio is housed in the former “Farmacia Bestente”, historic apothecary workshop founded in 1833.


In a precious and cozy space are gathered many products, both sweet and savory. The Farmacia Del Cambio is a boutique/workshop of the taste where it is possible to try and buy delicate pastry exclusively by Fabrizio Galla, and Del Cambio products that have been reinterpreted by Matteo Baronetto. All ingredients are of the highest quality, the products are strictly seasonal and the preparations are meant not only for a quick and practical experience but tasty at the same time, always balanced and never predictable. In the back room a counter is nestled, where you can seat and follow from a privileged position the working kitchen crew. The elegant year-round terrace is the ideal stage for a relaxed and informal lunch or to simply imbibe.


Breakfast is perhaps one of the most intimate moments of the day. At the Farmacia Del Cambio it is defined as a perfect combination of coffee, freshly baked products–all exclusive creations by Chef Fabrizio Galla–fruit juices and centrifuged juices.


Farmacia Del Cambio offers a lunch set that is well suited to the needs of today’s life. The menu is festooned with seasonal offerings: from soups in wintertime to the club sandwich and the vitello tonnato, from the curry-chicken with black rice to tortillas.


In the evening, Farmacia Del Cambio, a wonderful taste workshop, opens up at the most convivial time of the day, turning into the perfect place, in the centre of Turin, to enjoy cocktails or a good glass of wine, a good chat..all while enjoying miniature signature gourmet creations by Chef Baronetto. Cocktails are served bottled; sensible and dynamic they are a wink to the fresh future of polibibita.





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