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​​​​My Life's Philosophy:   

Don't tread on me!  Though I think too many forget, it goes hand in hand with "...and I won't tread on you"

Childhood dream:

I wanted to be a pilot.  Like many, I always thought my future was best described as a job, a trap I think too many of us fall into.

Dream now: 

To be free and successful.  For my income to be a fortuitous byproduct of my career, not an inconvenient load to bear in the rat race.

​My idea of Romance: 

Accounting for her needs and wants before mine.

What melts my heart: 

When my girlfriend happily cooks a meal for me.

Everyday Beautiful Thing:   Knowing there is so much out there we don't know, and that we are steadily chipping away at life's mysteries.
​Guilty Pleasure:               Oreos, as many as I can cram into a glass of milk

How do you keep these Healthy?:  By not eating those Oreos!

Reading and learning.  Currently trying to expand my use of Spanish and reading up on a few salesmanship books.

LA Fitness, 4x a week for strength training.  I used to compete extensively in combat sports and hope to return to the training some day, time permitting.

By giving it to someone else to care for
Being an atheist, I recently thought about this.  So I picked up a book (and hope to expand my knowledge of) on a few subjects through scientific understanding of the universe, time, space,  quantum physics etc.  I think science is the true religion, as it really seeks unbiased understanding of everything we question.  There are some very eye opening easily read books out there that can help us, non scientists, grasp these concepts.



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