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Photos Courtesy of Jaynelle Clarke

A perennial face at New York’s Fashion week and a model that has worked with various American and European designers, Jaynelle Clarke is one free spirit whose beauty and sensibilities are truly intercontinental.

Since last year when a South African agency offered her work as a model, she has been hop-skipping the globe doing campaigns and commercials for various department stores and products including Forschini and Ackerman and 7-Up while appearing in various covers of catalogs as well.

Born in Chesterfield, Virginia, Jaynelle began her career as a Ladies Shoe Buyer for the Naval Exchange Headquarters after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Virginia Commonwealth University. From there she proceeded to work as a Creative Account Executive alongside Macy’s Department Stores and Brooks Brothers.

Her remarkable success in modeling started in college, which she has continued since with aplomb, having been a part of important campaigns of global corporate giants like Pepsi and Maybelline.  Exposure in the very competitive New York fashion world has also given Jaynelle entrée to the silverscreen, appearing in several movies and television shows such as Gossip Girl, CSI, Law and Order, How to Make it In America and Blue Bloods.

Jaynelle’s excitement to discover herself and the world is undeniable, and it is very much reflected in her work ethic. This busy body is currently relishing her journey through life, traveling in Europe and working as a model in Germany. Next stop? Milan.

Jaynelle Clarke


Hometown:                    Chesterfield, VA

​​Residence:                    Brooklyn, NY


​Occupation:                    International Mode//Actress

​My Best Feature:          

I like my eyes. Almond shaped. But eyes are my favorite feature on everyone. They’re the window to the soul.

​My Worst Feature:        

My neck, it’s a bit strong looking. It sounds silly, but if I’m cold or stressed, I hold all my tension there.

Person I Admire:           

This is hard because I admire many people. My parents for their strength, leaders like Nelson Mandela and MLK for working for peace and making a difference, artists like Basquiat and Andy Warhol for their imagination and broadening what we know as art...​​

Person Who Has Had an Influence on Me:   My Parents

In What Way?:
They are my strength. They are who bestowed these qualities and values in me. I would hate to disappoint them. If anyone has influenced me the most, it is absolutely these two.​​

​My Life's Philosophy:   

Live in the moment, perform to your very best ability, and embrace what feels good.​​

​​Childhood Dream:  

I was such a tomboy when I was younger! I wanted to be a Veterinarian at one point.


Dream Now:                    

To keep traveling, keep exploring, continuing to work in areas for which I have passion, and to have wealth in love. For me, this is what life is about.


Beauté Intercontinentale

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