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AUTUMN 20​13​




Hometown: Sayville, NY

Residence:  Sayville, NY                 

Age: 20                       

Occupation:  Legal Processor

                       Psychology Student      

My Best Feature:   My Eyes. They never stay the same color.

My Worst Feature: I have a weakness to help anyone and everyone in any way I can, even if it leaves myself worse off. 

Person I Admire:     My Older Cousin.   


Person Who Influence(d) Me Most:  My grandmother

In What Way?:   She taught me how to be strong, what it means to be loyal, and how to love another person unconditionally.

My Life's Philosophy:   A little consideration, a little thought for others make all the difference.


​​​Childhood dream: To have a family to care for and to be the best mother and wife I can be.


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