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by Loy Bernal Carlos

When asked to identify today’s latest trends, he immediately replies, “There are no rules.” People follow Beyonce and Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Same sex couples marry. “So what is proper etiquette today? It’s not Prince Harry’s wedding!”. Although truth be said, even that royal wedding would break tradition.


The key is to give guests something to enjoy. He believes it is better to serve the best, i.e., heaps of one really good thing than a “whole lot of shit.” Larry’s own parties, to be fair, could be 6 lbs. of caviar, champagne, and Tito’s Vodka.  But he reveals he seldom spends money on himself. He would rather that money be donated to charity. But when he does make a splash, he describes it as “nouvelle cuisine but with Jewish portions.” Plus “Desserts,” he suggests, “have to be killers. I don’t care if some anorexic model is coming. They can purge at home if they want,” he says sarcastically.


And then there’s “the surprise.” Every party must have one. What types of surprises has Larry Scott concocted in past events? How about, while people are seated for dinner in his backyard (the part he insists is the best time to hold presentations), opera begins to play and six drag queens come out to the tennis court and start playing? Or Cirque de Soleil descending from surrounding trees?


In the end though, a Larry Party™ is about people. “Everyone has a story. People love a beginning and an end. How you get from A to Z doesn’t really matter. Anybody can be a celebrity today. Everybody in life has a gift. We just have to find what that is and embrace it.”





Lawrence Scott Gottesman brings unparalleled creativity and imagination to his signature special events. A native New Yorker, Larry started his career in catering before opening one of Long Island’s most successful restaurants, Larry and The Redhead. In 1989, he established Lawrence Scott Events and instantly gained a reputation for his exceptional, one-of-a-kind celebrations. “From the ridiculous to the sublime”, A Larry Party™ brings families and friends together for life’s most memorable moments and milestones. While known for his non-stop innovation and ahead-of-the-trends approach, Larry is equally known for his philanthropic efforts. Larry’s commitment to community has spanned decades of support for charitable causes including, Make–A–Wish, The Feinstein Institute, Live Out loud, Forward Face, City Of Hope, and MS, to name a few.


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