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by Loy Bernal Carlos



LS with Ramona Singer

“I like parades.” He delights to see servers march for some type of glorious presentation. Larry says he wants guests to feel “like you’re alive in some Hollywood movie or big Broadway show…without being gimmicky.” Asked to define gimmicky, he responds, “Gimmicky is trying too hard.” 


But what about haters and critics? Surely he often comes across those. He confides, “I tell my clients beforehand– brides and grooms or whatever–five ‘assholes’ are coming to your party. One of them is your best friend.” He warns them not to be surprised if the worst critics are those closest to them. Many times, these events show the true nature of people. “Maybe it’s time to drop some of them,” he suggests.


What Larry likes most about his events is that guests leave liking the event as a whole. “In other parties, people like the music or the food. In my parties, it’s not one thing. They love all of it.” This goes back to his role as a storyteller. With a book, a painting or a movie, an author/painter/director doesn’t aim to have people connect with just one chapter, one section, or one scene. The same principle applies here. For the best event creators, it’s a form of art. Little wonder then that Larry Scott’s dream is to one day do Lady Gaga’s wedding. “What she does in her business, I do at mine. Some people are just good at flowers or food. I’m good at the whole picture.”



Even though his events are of a different scale and budget, Larry believes that ordinary Joes and Jills, too, can do extraordinary things if they apply a little bit of creativity. He takes his own inspiration from ordinary things and transforms the idea into something fantastic, sometimes fantastical. 


Old movies are his favorite. He  pays careful attention to the background. Even when driving down the parkway, he notices the secondary bushes, always looking behind the scenes, beyond the obvious.


He suggests it is not necessary to go to some expensive Italian furniture store, for instance, to create an impressive ambiance. “Go to Home Depot, go through the lighting aisle where they have lamps for $29.95. Put them on your tables, add flowers. Taste is not right or wrong. It is what it is.”


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